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Our services are delivered by our team with years of experience are passionate about underwater lighting projects.


STEP 1: Discuss Your Needs

Let’s have a cup of coffee in our offices and discuss your needs further.

Are you an effective fisherman or a proud yacht owner?

Surface mount or thru-hull underwater lights and why?

What about the light colour?

Where to place the lights?

What about the power consumption?

All these questions -and many more- are the first step. This step will lead us to choose the right underwater light model for you and secure the technical parameters of the installation. Next stop: the vessel!

What we offer
  • Research
  • Information
  • Show Room
  • Visit the vessel
  • Technical Study

STEP 2: Choose The Right Product

Now we know everything we need to know about YOU and your VESSEL.

It’s time to find the right underwater light for both of you.

It’s true that there are a lot of options, however we will guide you and help you find the best combination between your needs, your budget and the desired result.

There is always a way to do that if you really appreciate your customers. And we do!

What we offer
  • Product List
  • Full Technical Specs Sheets
  • Demonstration
  • Samples

STEP 3: Installation

Welcome to the final step! The final days (maybe hours) before you enjoy your best decision ever. Our experienced tech crew will handle the installation of the underwater lights according to the international standards.

Our first and foremost priority is your and your vessels’ safety. After all, this is a job for skilled and experienced technicians and our team has proven successful in every single project all these years. Additionally, the installation method we follow is approved by the manufacturers of the underwater lights, as they trust us for many years in such exacting projects.

Keep in mind that the best kind of yachting is the safe one. And we guarantee that!

What we offer
  • Experienced Tech Crew
  • Strategy
  • Reliable and Safe Installation
  • Lifetime Technical Support

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